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In Your Shoes

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👊In Your Shoes👊

I love those shoes.
I love me those shoes.

I see the way he wears the shoes and I wonder why he treats the shoes like that.

If only I had that shoe, a little neutral to the soles, a little shine on the leather, and I would be the envy of the town.

I love those shoes.
I love me those shoes.

Yeah, though he wears them
He doesn’t seem to fit him.
Adjustments here and there.
This shoe wasn’t made for him.
It was made for people like me…yeah, me.

I love those shoes.
I love me those shoes.

Then one day, it happened.
He died.
Though I was sad…I think.
I was glad that he left me those shoes.

Quickly, I washed my legs.
Cleaned it dry.
First leg goes into the shoe.
Second leg goes into the shoe.
Awesome, perfect fit.
They look…

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The Quest (Poem)

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The foolish man’s test
Is when all you wanna harvest
Is all you see through her vest.
And yeah, that is not the best

You both ride the same boat,
But paddle on opposite sides.
A desire for what lies below,
drives your flattery words.

To feed your naked appetite,
You own her space,
And bath her with attention,
But never truly hear her.

Tracing the lines of her lips,
As she laughs in innocence,
To your faux sense of humour.
Though you do not see beyond that which you see.

In a second …
The fool gives up on his quest,
tired of chasing her shadows,
Staring empty below her neck.

Oh, his raging thirst,
Turns to burning rage,
He hates her virtues,
As it shames his ego.

The real man’s quest
For a man in a woman’s nest
Is to find that which lies beyond her thighs…

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SCHOOL AS I SEE IT #30DaysOfNovember

Posted on LIVE on 1/12/2015!

BY Modupe Fadipe

I think one of the priceless moments I enjoy is when a child keeps asking you countless questions and oh my… you dare not be unable to provide the most appropriate answers. And the amazing thing is how hard it is for that child to forget what you have just said. It’s like this new generation of children have an incredible level of intelligence. You can have a beautiful conversation without even realising that you are speaking with a five (5) year old.

So I begin to wonder is it because they now teach Ah, Be, Ce, De in place of the A for apple, B for Ball that we were familiar with.  Or maybe it’s the technology age that is making these children extraordinarily intelligent and fun to chat with. I mean a four (4) year old child can operate your iPad or laptop with amazing…

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LOVE AS I SEE IT #30DaysOfNovember

Posted on LIVE on 1/12/2015!

By Adedoyin Kugbiyi

I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes at this “Love” topic… You know how I know this? Because no one seemed to take on Love, at least no one before me. When I was asked to do this, I was so sure the topic of love would have been taken. Then Boom!!!…The topic was in my plate and I was up and about the place jubilating, which lasted for a few seconds… Then I paused “wait a minute dude” I said to myself, as all the angles and  branches of this topic “Love” flooded my mind. My inadequacy overwhelmed me… Then I decided I’d say only what I know for sure… So here goes:

Love is Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah…..

There you have it! All I know!

Lol! Gotcha!

I’m just messing around.

So Love bah?…*Cracks Knuckles*….Clears throat.

See, in my short life so far, I’ve…

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RELIGION AS I SEE IT #30DaysOfNovember

Posted on LIVE on 1/12/2015!

By Joshua Olanrewaju

Ever imagined what the heavenly choir of angels sound like? Read the lyrics below and see if it’s something they could sing.

Holy Holy Holy, Lord God almighty

Heaven is your throne, the earth is full of your glory

The blessing, the honour, the power belongs to you

There is nothing impossible for you to do.

Now instead of singing, try and imagine that the angels rapped it (you know rap – like Jay Z and Eminem). Ha, gotcha! You most likely thought, ‘no way, they can’t be rapping in heaven.’

Have you ever imagined if Jesus was on the earth right now and he was a teenager, do you think he might have worn a pair of Adidas sneakers, a pair of denim pants/trousers and a snapback? It’s difficult to imagine, yeah?

If you were a pastor, would you encourage your members to do a study…

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girl-journalling   So it’s my thirteen birthday today! Oh, you don’t know what that means, do you? OK it means I’m officially a teenager…yippee!!!!  Aiit I know some of y’all might be wondering “what’s so special about being a teenager”, probably because you’ve passed through that phase already. Or some others might just be beefing me for been some years older. However the case may be, this isn’t about you but MOI! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE…. So here it is. My thirteen birthday!!!

OK I just did that dance that makes you try to catch your breath after. Hmm, this is one day I had been looking forward to since when I was probably five. Yeah right it been that long. And then I was ten and I thought, “Oh it’s so close”. I tell you the last three years of my life was the longest ever, it felt like centuries. So annoyingly long but I survived it somehow.  It not like I just got taller or more beautiful but I’m sure getting older and trust me, I plan to enjoy every bit of this teenage years.

My point is just that now I can really decide what I want out of life at least that’s what I think. My dad always says a tree is defined from the moment the seed is planted. Some of you might think that the seed is planted when a child was conceived. Well it could be true because some of the things that defined a person is put in place, but for me, I think the seed is planted when one discover who they are and what they want out of life, then you can begin to nurture the seed to grow. And do not get me wrong, I’m not saying that I have discovered myself yet. In fact I’m not anywhere close but I think I’m getting to understand what it takes.

So I have been doing a lil research about what it takes to live through my teenage years and you would be amazed if I told you what I discovered. So many people with different challenges. Sometimes I get scared and wish I could just be young forever. Nah! Don’t be deceived I’m gonna enjoy being a teenager. I mean the rush of emotions, the confusion about what to do, the crushes and relationships, the desires, the dreams and definitely all that reality has to offer.

I came up with few things I hope to achieve as a teenager;

  • I want to still keep up with being the good, beautiful and intelligent girl I have grown to be even till my twenties.
  • I want to meet thousands of people all over the world and learn as much as I can and also impact so many lives.
  • I want to have my first boyfriend and Yes my first kiss *wink*.
  • I totally want my freedom, I want to be independent, and no more getting pushed around.
  • I definitely want to be the most wanted babe in school, get all the attentions.
  • Yeah, I must change my wardrobe, start making up and all the things that makes me a lady.
  • Emmmmmm what else? How about you tell me what your teenage years was like so I can add some more.


This is where I sign out today, I look forward to your comments.   stop

A Mother’s Plight

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Where is my child?

Where is my newborn?

Ah! The seed that I planted

See it wither away before harvest

Oh! What sadness struck me deep within.

To carry you but never hold you,

To feel you kick but never see you walk,

To feel your tiny finger hold mine.

I’m consumed with sorrow.

My melon has been cut off.

Deep from its root.

From its mothers bosom.


Death cheated me.

It has taken my newborn child.

My joy of unseen desires.

Hope of nine months.


Revenge! Revenge I say!

You spineless creature.

Death must pay.

It must return what belongs to me .

I must take back my seed.